• Hello bro, greetings from me

    Currently, I as the admin of To Love-Ru Darkness DMM : Idol Revolution group on Facebook

    I'm also the leader of Production ラブライブ. 

    We are planning on remaking the wikia to a better looking one X.X and manage it also

    We are very welcome if u want to join our FB group on here

    Also we would like to request to be the contributor for the page (y)

    thankyou !

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    • when you say remaking you mean this wiki right ? :c just hope i didn't do all for nothing

      But if you want to contribute just tell me what you want to do

      PS : Another troubleShot = it's an english community and your FB group has some post with non-English :/

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    • i've comment on the page which i think i can help with... but i cant do the editing so i'll leave it on you kay ? :3

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    • Okay :3

      PS : it's good from what you say but you ened to remember the question it's not always same on EACH stage... i guess maybe i make an new page for each stage just for your pic ^^

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    • yay thanks, btw new stage event coming up :D

      I will help on their's GS too :3

      Unfortunetly i must go on vacation today, so cya next week then ^_^

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    • Hello arkayda,

      sorry for late reply, do u have any FB or any messenger ? i want to discuss few thigns related to the modification of this wikia.

      For the group problem, currently we are rechecking all post and such, and we will change it into international group, it may take a day or two but we will strive to make an international group.

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    • A FANDOM user
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